10 ways How to build Blogging Authority strong

Lately, Google has disappoint millions of hope with his latest algorithm.
it has stripped countless weak links out of the rank without warning.Authority Blog
Hate it or like it, Google has authority to list or De-list any link on the web he likes.
His blessing only favor strong links.
Links that are coming out of 10 following ways.
This is 10 solid ways to build your blogging authority
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6 ways How blogging losing Fans.. even Haters

You come back with another blog post, new title, new ideas but no one give a damn.
That is disgusting but you can’t let yourself become another victim of obscurity.
For your reader, your new subscriber, new customers and for your better future,
you have to keep your hand dirty.
Unidentified is sucks but you only screw your life up if you stop trying now.How to blogging-feedgur.com

On the following, I have 6 ways to drive your new blog’s audience back.
if you focus your new direction in these ways, you give your audience small chance to find ways to get off your blog without sharing,subscribe, or purchase your stuff first.
Check this out
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10 easy Content Optimization Tips for Content Writers

On Page SEO or content optimization is a mandatory if you want someone call you a new pro content writer or blogger.Content Optimization This is the second step to win search engine position after you pick a new domain. Effective Content optimization strategy depends on the number of competitions and keywords target.

On page optimization help Google index your link as you wanted. However, If your target is a high competitive or short tail (2 words keywords), you have to wait little longer to find your web on the top search result

Correct content optimization help your off page SEO job. Some probloggers even does not have to build any backlinks or promote his link in social media to get high traffic from search engine machine.

On the following I give you 9 easy Content optimization tips. If you follow this strategy, I doubt you cannot be one of those content writers you visit every day.
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10 ways How to get your Content Writing Voice Out

Yes today you have a good newscontent-writing-voice
you can continue your unfinished draft after your read this post.
this is 10 ways to get your content writing voice out.

1. Loan inspiration. 
I know someone who I can call hero.
He is not a superman.
He is a blogger who have fail countless time, learn alot from it and share his experience with everyone for free.
His word is honest and the more I read his post, the more confident I become.
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11 ways How to Write Clear Blog posts.The last one is brilliant

I am Indonesian.
I don’t speak English with my parents and
In the past, my friend used to warn my writing because I often misspelled English with 2 G’s.

Back to the future, I share you 11 ideas to write clear blog post.
I don’t test the theory yet and
If you are problogger, reading the rest of this post won’t give you any extra benefit.
Let’s begin the count down.
1. Target your reader
For Example:
This blog target retire bloggers who quit writing.
This blog invite bloggers how to write original blog posts and.
With this blog, I tell my reader, “You can beat writing procrastination”.
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10 Ways Fail Blogging Tips Work

blogging-tipsToo many people takes excuses to justify his/her blogging failures.
Though the experts are kind enough to unlock his success secret and share his blogging tips for free on blogs or YouTube ,people never have enough with that.

Dynamic Google search algorithm updates have changed Black, gray, even white SEO techniques nothing but color. Links that Google thinks spam is gone from search listing without warning.Regardless it’s coming from ethical link building technique or unethical blogging tips.

On the following I give you 10 wrong ways people blogging and how you can fix that situation.

1. Write more Content.
Write more post never guarantee blogging success until..
It’s part of your artistic expressions.
In other words:

  • You don’t plan to finish your draft quickly,
  • You don’t publish the post unless your fact is solid
  • Your reader’s reaction stir your motivation.
  • You let those feelings guide you to perfection.

Keep in your mind that content is always the king.
if you used to feed your blog with BS, changed it.
if you used to publish rewritten articles to support your main page, stop it.
in short, quit being Stereotypical publisher.
Spend more time and fill your head and heart with enough creativity and clarity before you paint the blank page with your sketch.

The advice is cliche and old but it works.
.. like a charm.
Ask your blog idol to prove this first blogging tips.

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10 Ways How Content Writing Jobs make you suck

Write Hard.content-writing-job
That is the simplest answer how to win content writing jobs from home
This 2 words buzzing in my ears everyday since the day my friend call me a poor content writer.
In the past, I always tried to figure out what is the fastest way to make 1,000 blog post in a month.

It was a tough question but with $60 a month, I could accomplished that target.
A year later, lots of thing change.
Rewritten articles failed.

My blog filled with bunches of spun contents collected dust and no fan.
It was a big slap.

I learned SEO
I learned Social network optimization.
I read pages of content writing tips
but lots of time, I did not learn how to master my own writing style.

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7 Sure Ways you fail Content Writer Jobs

More money, expensive stuffs, and free time.fail-content-writer
The most popular way to get these perks are dreaming.
The second one is committing crimes and the last one is search it on the internet.

You are smart but strangers behind your computer screen is smarter.
if you dream to make $50 an hour, they already have a plan,did awesome content writer jobs, and commit real action to make $100 a minutes no matter what it takes.

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10 Content Writing for Dummies Characters

Content writing for dummies book

in June 18, 2003, Google launched Adsense for publisher program and it made Google several billions dollars richer every year.
Since that day, millions bloggers want the money.

View of them want to play clean,some want to outsmart or play dirty, and many just want follow the game of the dirty (and be his victim)

They are dummy content writers.
A content writer  only want to play the easy mode of the writing game or stop.
A Dummy blogger has a dozen unique characteristics and
10 of them are here.

This is 10 characters in the book content writing for dummies

Content Writing for dummies Character 1#: Copy Rewriter

Internet user is the same.
When I treated them like search engine bot,
they hate me, silent treat me, and never return.
I learned that lesson few months after someone hired me as an article rewriter.

Google bot is smart but he need my visitor exit rate and bounce rate to value my content quality.
My visitor help google bot’s job but if they do not like my blog post and leave too soon, they’ll ruin my reputation.

Forget Copyscape, the best spinner, white smoke, and any content writing books or software. Do what you think is right, find your mistake when you fail, and remake your plan.

Your readers are waiting more than readable rewritten articles
and your blogging career requires their emails, comments, likes, and shares.
Give them reason to come back every time you publish a new post.

If you can do it,
you are no longer one of the dummy bloggers.
Not every blogger born to get a pro content writer title.

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12 Reasons Content Writer quit Content Writing job

content-writer-300x225A Mediocre content writer counts his luck before he publish a new post while
A real content writer counts new fans after he publish a new post.

A stereotype blogger knows how to write a new blog post.
Unfortunately, when his audiences want more, he does not know the answer.
On the following, I am trying to help him find what he missed.

This is 12 common reasons content writer out of the blogging ring.

1. Blogging monologue

To win new sales, be a good liar is always better than be yourself.
It’s a crap.
That’s an example when I am “talking to my self”.
it is a big lie for your success if you plan to change career as a new content writer or marketer.

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